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brand6Inspired by generations of Italian heritage, the hair color experts DIFIABA Labs blend the charm and elegance of Italy’s artisanal hand crafted formulas with the latest in technology and style, DIFIABA brings a class of products to today’s market that are entirely their own. The privately owned, Italian hair color and care company have spent generations perfecting the environmentally and ethically conscious line of professional salon quality products. DIFIABA prides their success on a strong, strategic team of professionals who guide their work with a mission to build trust, friendship and respect with the licensed cosmetologists who use and recommend their brand. DIFIABA will never stop challenging the status quo. Exceptional products, easy-to-follow techniques and fashion-driven collections allow stylists to work smarter, not harder in the salon. DIFIABA embodies a level of sophistication and quality that consistently draws stylists back to the collections again and again.

Difiaba hair care products are made with a sunflower extract formula. This is 4X more effective at reducing hair color fading. Natural antioxidants are designed to neutralize free radicals in the hair offering 100% previous or current UV damage recovery and protection. From Shampoo to Volumizers, and Hairsprays to Masks we have you covered. Talk to your stylist today and find out about this amazing product line!

Alfaparf Milano creates top quality products and color designed in the traditional Italian way. Our top color line we use here at Avant Garde is Evolution Color from Alfaparf Milano. Offering over 120 shades of perfection, this color line is enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and is PPD free. This allows for a calming and cooling sensation on the scalp leaving no irritation from color. Leaving a full regard to the color and scalp of the client. Did we mention 100% grey coverage!? This line offers long lasting color, and has only 1% ammonia at it’s max during application. Your hair will look and feel completely nourished from the hydrating ingredients and shine all from this amazing Italian color line, Alfapraf Milano.

Following you color service it is important to ensure your color and hair look it’s best by utilizing the products from the same line. Alfaparf Milano, Semi DiLino home care products are designed with the same technology their color line is. They offer the only unique hair treatment and shine line of products. Every woman can now truly achieve the result they re looking for with hair that is always healthy and looking fabulous with this gradual hair therapy line. If it is volume you are looking for or maybe a hydrating line, we have you covered!

Pay Shau is a brand we chose to carry for many different reasons. Pay Shau’s goal is for every individual to see and feel their authentic beauty. They believe beauty can be cultivated, discovered and created. Believing the transformation of one’s outward appearance can immediately influence how they feel inside. They are always in search of new inspiration while immersing themselves in different cultures. Pai-Shau is a lifestyle brand committed to being more than just a haircare product. Pai Shau offers their Signature Tea Complex. This is an exclusive blend of steeped teas from around the world that work in unison to provide powerful rejuvenating properties that strengthen, nourish and protect the hair. Potent antioxidants, panthenol, vitamins B, C and E are infused into every Pai-Shau product to add body and shine. We absolutely love this product for our clients here at Avant Garde Salon, because it really does what it says it’s going to do. Nourishes, shines, hydrates, and stimulates hair follicle growth as well!

From Hello Blondie, to Brass Off to So Silver, Matrix is the blonde hair care line for you! Total Results Hello Blondie is a gentle care formula using lavender that prolongs radiance of blonde tones, also using chamomile to soften and detangle while providing brilliant shine and radiance. Total Results Brass Off products neutralize brassy tones while refreshing your hair with cool tones. Best for brunettes that lighten their hair, deposits neutralizing blue-violet pigments to reduce brassy tones. Matrix Total Results Color Obsessed So Silver is a rich, creamy violet lather that neutralizes brassy warmth and correct yellow tones on blonde and gray hair. It conditions a it gently cleanses. Leaves hair with remarkable shine, body and manageability.If you have blonde hair and are looking for that perfect hair care system, ask your stylist if Matrix is right for you!

Reuzel is our top pick for our male clientele. Reuzel is known for their World Finest Pomades, Grooming and Styling products. The creators of Reuzel, Leen and Bertus currently living in Rotterdam, Holland started learning mens haircutting and barbering since they were 14 years old and wanted to make a product of their own. Influenced by their love of classic barbering, rock n’ roll, and custom culture, they came up with Reuzel to cover all needs of the modern and classic man. From Hair Tonics, to Beard Care, to Greases and Pomades, Reuzel (meaning Lard) will have you looking handsome and your best all of the time! Make sure to try out their After Shave! It leaves your skin smooth, razor burn free and smells fantastic if we do say so ourselves. From the best Pomps, Quiffs, Flat Tops, Razor Shaves, and even the man bun, Reuzel is for you!

Glo Professional is a makeup and skin care line designed for transformation. Due to their award winning, skin nourishing, mineral makeup formulations and also being one of the only recommend plastic surgeon makeup lines we have chosen to carry Glo Professional just for those reasons. With a variety of formula and finish options and an exceptional shade gallery to promote every beauty ideal, Glo Professional delivers customized complexion perfection. Giving you that “porcelain” or “doll” look you have always looked for in a makeup line, we know you will fall in love with the coverage it provides. Goo Professional sits on the surface of your skin, rather then seep into your pores like most makeup lines do. This allows for wrinkle and skin spot coverage leaving your skin flawless! With a powerful antioxidant blend, talc free, cruelty free, rich color palette with coverage that lasts, book your next makeup lesson to see for yourself why Glo Professional is one of the top name, high end brands of makeup lines out there!