Avant Garde Salon offers superior hair services! Our stylists have continuous advanced education in both the classics of cutting and coloring, but also in trendy new looks for hair and makeup as well. Our stylists are some of the most skilled and knowledgeable in Palm Beach Gardens. All of our shampoo lines are paraben, gluten and sulfate free. Our professional hair color lines Difiaba, Aloxxi and Keratin Complex are Italian color lines made with the highest quality ingredients that deliver beautiful exact results every time. We have received our color education from color specialist from each one and have been certified as well. Our artistic skill and experience can customize a look just for you. Ask your stylist about our NON-FADING color line!


Cutting & Styling Services

Womens Cut, Style & Blow   Junior 75+ | Senior 85+ | Master 100+

A relaxing shampoo and hot neck towel, followed by a precision cut and style to your liking.

(Up to 1 hour)


Womens Short Cut   Junior 55+ | Senior 65+ | Master 75+

Pixie length, relaxing shampoo and hot neck towel, followed by a precision cut and style

to your liking.

(Up to 45 minutes)


Mens Cut & Style   Junior 40+ | Senior 50+ | Master 65+

A relaxing shampoo and hot neck towel, followed by a precision cut, neck cleanup, aftershave and styled to your liking.

(Up to 45 minutes)


Buzz Cut   20+

Clipper cut to one length only, followed by a relaxing shampoo, hot neck towel, neck clean up and aftershave.

(Up to 30 minutes)


Mens Clean Up   15+

Clean up and trimming around hairline, ears and neck.

(Up to 15 minutes)


Childs Boy Cut & Style (10 & under)   Junior 30+ | Senior 35+ | Master 40+

A shampoo followed by a precision cut and styled to your liking.

(Up to 30 minutes)


Childs Girl Cut, Style & Blow (10 & under)   Junior 40+ | Senior 45+ | Master 50+

A shampoo followed by a precision cut and styled to your liking.

(Up to 45 minutes)


Bang Trim   Junior 15+ | Senior 17+ | Master 19+

Lightly misted, cut to fringe area only, then styled to your liking.

(Up to 15 minutes)


Blow and Go   Junior 45+ | Senior 50+ | Master 55+

Relaxing shampoo, hot neck towel, followed with a style.

(Up to 45 minutes)


Hot Iron   Junior 15+ | Senior 15+ | Master 15+

In addition to a blow-out, any hot tool used to style.

(Up to 15 minutes)


Wash & Go   15+

A relaxing shampoo, hot neck towel. No blow-out.

(Up to 15 minutes)


Conditioning Rx & Blow-Out   65+

A relaxing shampoo, treatment of choice, hot neck towel, finshed with style.

(Up to 1 hour)


Event Styling   70+

A relaxing shampoo, hot neck towel and formally styled.

(Up to 45 hour)


Updo   85+

A relaxing shampoo, hot neck towel, formally styled and upswept.

(Up to 1 1/2 hours)



Jennifer Markus Extensions 

(By consultation Only)

*We kindly ask that children be accompanied by an adult and remain well behaved during their appointment and visit to the salon.

Color Services

Single Process Junior 85+ | Senior 90+ | Master 100+

Root touch up with color line of choice, relaxing shampoo to rinse and hot neck towel to finish.

(Up to 1 hour and 15 minutes)


Double Process Junior 140+ | Senior 155+ | Master 170+

Root touch up with lightener, toner, relaxing shampoo to rinse and hot neck towel to finish.

(Up to 1 hour and 15 minutes)


Hairline Touch Up 40+

Root touch up on the hairline only, relaxing shampoo to rinse and hot towel to finish.

(Up to 1 hour)


Glaze Junior 50+ | Senior 55+ | Master 60+

Color balancing service, adds shine, lasting up to 4 weeks.

(Up to 40 minutes)


Toner Junior 40+ | Senior 45+ | Master 50+

Color applied to remove unwanted tones, relaxing shampoo to rinse and hot towel to finish.

(Up to 15 minutes)


Base Break Junior 50+ | Senior 55+ | Master 60+

Color service on roots only to soften, relaxing shampoo to rinse and hot neck towel to finish.

(Up to 20 minutes)


Full Face Frame Junior 45+ | Senior 50+ | Master 55+

Foils on the hairline only, toner, relaxing shampoo to rinse and hot neck towel to finish.

(Up to 1 hour)


Partial Highlight Junior 125+ | Senior 140+ | Master 155+

Half head of foils, toner, relaxing shampoo to rinse and hot neck towel to finish.

(Up to 1 hour and 30 minutes)


Partial Highlight & Lowlight Junior 160+ | Senior 175+ | Master 185+

Half head of foils, light & dark, toner, relaxing shampoo to rinse and hot neck towel to finish.

(Up to 1 and 40 minutes)


Full Highlight  Junior 150+ | Senior 165+ | Master 185+

Full head of foils, toner, relaxing shampoo  to rinse hot towel to finish.

(Up to 1 hour and 40 minutes)


Full Highlight & Lowlight Junior 195+ | Senior 210+ | Master 225+

Full head of foils, light and dark, toner, relaxing shampoo to rinse and hot neck towel to finish.

(Up to 1 hour and 50minutes)


Sun Kissed Balayage Junior 95+ | Senior 115+ | Master 125+

Hand painted color service around the face to allow for that “Sun Kissed” look, toner, relaxing shampoo to rinse and hot towel to finish.

(Up to 1 hour and 30 minutes)


Partial Balayage  Junior 150+ | Senior 165+ | Master 180+

Hand painted color service around the face and partially in back of head to create more lightness, toner, relaxing shampoo to rinse hot neck towel to finish.

(Up to 2 hours)


Full Balayage   Junior 150+ | Senior 205+ | Master 235+

Hand painted color service around the face and all over hair to create an all over lighter look, toner, relaxing shampoo to rinse hot neck towel to finish.

(Up to 2 hours and 30 minutes)


Colormelt   Junior 65+ | Senior 70+ | Master 75+

A Semi Permanent Color, smudged or feathered down to create depth at the root.


Ombre  By Consultation

Hand painted and teasing color service done to the bottom part of the hair, toner, relaxing shampoo to rinse and hot neck towel to finish.

(Up to 1 hour and 30 minutes)


Corrective Color By Consultation
(By consultation Only)


Keratin Treatments and Blowouts

Keratin Treatments

A heat infused, non-permanent treatment designed to smooth away frizz, add shine and strengthen hair.

Blow-Out Junior 75+ | Senior 85+ | Master 95+

Color locking, mini keratin service.

Lasting up to 4 weeks


Keratin Treatment Junior 350+ | Senior 375+ | Master 395+

We offer a Glycolic Keratin Treatment. This reduces frizz and curl while hydrating and reconstructing hair, Smoothing hair for up to 4 months.


Hair Cutting and Styling

At Avant Garde Salon, our goal is to give you a haircut that is perfect for your hair texture , lifestyle, and most importantly a haircut that you can style at home.

Our stylists are expertly trained on advanced hair cutting. We have a unique approach to hair cutting inspired by Pivot Point. We believe hair cutting skills need to be developed and maintained with advanced education. Your lifestyle, maintenance, hair texture, along with face and head shape, are all things we take into consideration when consulting with our clients on their desired look. There are many different qualities and types of tools for hair cutting and Avant Garde invests in the best. Our stylists have all received advanced training and are very passionate in what they do!

Womens Cut

A Women’s haircut starts with a consultation and relaxing shampoo and scalp massage. Our cuts are always finished with a blowdry style so that we may complete the haircut with a dry cutting session if needed. We can create any hair cut look and we believe every great hair color is accented by a great haircut. Iron work such as flat ironing or curling are an extra up charge of $10 depending on the amount of styling. We offer complimentary bang trims for maintenance to existing clients.

Mens Cut

Whether its textured and edgy or polished and professional, Avant Garde Salon can deliver a perfect haircut for our male clientele. We always start our cuts with a consultation, hot towel, shampoo, hair and scalp conditioning treatment. We also offer neck trims in between visits and a relaxing warm towel with anti-aging skin care agents with each shampoo.

Our products are always SLS ( sodium laurel ether sulfate) free. This ingredient has been linked to many ill side effects, one being hair loss. We only use the purest, PH balanced products to promote a healthy hair and scalp for all of our clients.

Children’s Cut

We offer haircuts to our smallest clients as well! We ask that a parent or guardian be with the child during the visit, so it can be a fun experience for all. Children’s cuts are for kids 10 years and younger. Pricing is based on the amount of time spent with the child . This service includes a consultation, shampoo and condition and a style.

The Blowout

The “blowout” or blow drying itself is a special service than can last through two to four days. We have created our own special blow-dry bar menu for our guests so they can be in and out of the salon within 30-45 with smooth, bouncy, gorgeous hair that will wear through the weekend. The average blow-dry appointment is 30 minutes (very long and thick may take just a bit longer and may require a $10 add on).

We offer hair pampering add-ons for $15 . We put the “style” in stylists so that you don’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying your weekend or that special event! It’s very simple: just choose from our blow-dry style menu or if you have something in mind let us know and we will create it for you! Ask your stylist about one of our Blowdry Bar Treatments!

Hair Color


Avant Garde Salon is a master hair color salon. Our stylists are true hair color experts with the skill and training to achieve beautiful hair color for your lifestyle. From covering grey to specialized color work like balayage highlighting, we have the ability to choose the right look for your skin tone, cut and face shape. There are many things to consider when changing or maintaining a hair color. Our colorists have the knowledge to deliver beautiful hair color with dimension and vibrancy, and will educate you on the best way to maintain your color in between salon visits. Certain hair color techniques are performed by certain stylists, so if there is something in particular you would like, prices vary.

At Avant Garde Salon, we use only the best hair color available to achieve desired color looks. For decades professional Italian hair color companies like Difiaba, Keratin Complex and Aloxxi have been setting the industry’s standard. These color lines have a deeper and cleaner dye content than most American color lines. They are able to penetrate the hair better without having to use fillers and chemicals to make color attach to hair. These high quality color lines have great qualities about them. Each line uses small to ultra fine pure pigments which gives the color ultimate grey coverage and one of them even guarantees NO FADING! These color lines give the colorist a better ability to deliver beautiful results, without compromising the health of the hair. We are dedicated to keeping our colorists on top of current fashion and style trends with constant trend updates and hair color knowledge.

We want to provide our salon guests with every color service available!
Please note: Blow dry and style are not part of a hair color service. They are a separate service. A blow dry style is included with a Signature Cut. We only tousle dry the hair and will blowdry a small section in the front to view the color for accuracy. We always recommend a blowdry service after color so the client is able to see the end result.


Highlighting, Foils or Balayage?

Whether your desired look is funky or natural ,a professional colorist will take the time to evaluate your hair to determine what technique and application is best . Slicing, weaving and balayage are all examples of highlighting methods. Every color service is formulated and tailored to each clients specific style and hair type. For specialty color work, prices will be quoted at the time of consultation.
To get the perfect sun-kissed highlights, you have two options: traditional foil highlights and the newer, edgier “balayage.” Balayage refers to the process of sweeping color onto hair using a paddle. Balayage gives the colorist more freedom to place color where she/he chooses, unlike foils which can be much more precise. Either way, both can be done leaving your hair with a beautiful look!

We want to provide any new guest of the salon with the best experience possible. All new color guests first time color appointment is booked on a 1-3 hour appointment depending on length. Please allow this amount of time in your schedule. If you would like to book additional services like a haircut or blow dry, even more time will be needed. Beautiful hair color takes time, especially if your hair is naturally dark, long and/or thick. Please allow adequate time, up to 3-4 hours, for a colorist to work on your hair. We have certain requirements when booking a new color appointment. With any new salon guest we recommend a thorough consultation. We may do a color consultation complimentary up to 15 minutes. If further discussion is desired, a charge of $25 per 15 minutes will be charged. Please arrive 10 minutes early for your appointment so we can check you in and get you ready for your service. We do not book any new color clients after 5:30 pm. Once a color regimen has been created , and a clear color plan has been determined by your stylist, we may then book later appointments after your initial visit.

A new hair color can make you feel like a new person. If you are tired of the look you have and want to experiment with trying a new hair color, call us today at (561) 626-6005 and we can help you choose the best color or technique for you!

Keratin Treatments


A keratin treatment help’s restore a damaged hair cuticle by filling in the the holes and cracks in the hair shaft. A Keratin Treatment is also a healthy alternative to traditional chemical relaxers . Its incredible smoothing results help cut down on blow dry and styling time and also help lock in hair color. It may also be be a solution for many hair issues. Whether you were born with curl and frizz or time and styling have made your hair dull and lifeless, this treatment can resolve many hair issues. A Keratin Treatment is a safe option for women wanting to improve the health and look of their hair. The experts at Avant Garde Salon have specific training to perform this service and only use products that are safe and healthy for your hair. The top picture is what your hair would like with Keratin, and the bottom is without Keratin.

Ask one of our talented and certified stylists about getting your Keratin Treatment today!