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The Avant Garde Team is excited to offer you fresh creative ideas!

Every cut & color go hand in hand. Having the perfect precision haircut and style to go with your beautiful new highlights will always complete your new look! 

Back in 2016, we were focused on bold fun colors, pastel tones and long layers. This year in 2017, we have leaned more toward balayages, color-melts, baby-lights and tons of layers! Oh, and if you are still rocking that classic bob, no need to worry, your style is gorgeous and won’t be going anywhere. 

Being that we are half way through the summer, fall is right around the corner. Now would be the perfect time to start thinking of what style you want to have. Maybe a new color, or even try a color-melt? We always love to pull out those boots and small totes while picking up a pumpkin latte right? Well what about your hair? As the seasons change, so do our styles! 

It is time to cover those baby-lights with a rose, golden blonde color. Or how about trying a more “Rooty Look” by getting a color-melt? Adding warm browns, copper and gold tinges are just some things you can do to change your look for fall. 

Maybe over the summer you chopped the locks into a long layered bob and now you want some length and fullness for fall? Adding a pack or two of “Jennifer Markus Extensions” to your hair would be a perfect way to create the length and fullness you want, leaving you with long, bouncy hair for your new fall look.

When coming in for a visit, make sure to bring pictures of ideas you may have for your hair. Pictures say 1,000 words! When selecting pictures to show your stylist, try to find things that you absolutely love about the picture. For example: If you like the look of a certain color, let your stylist know. Point out exactly what colors you like and dislike. Also, maybe you like the way someones bangs look in a picture, but not the layers. Point that out too! It is important to be on the same page with your stylist, so they can achieve you look you’re trying to create.

Finding the perfect salon is extremely important but can also be a daunting task. Your hair is your best accessory and your hair also tells a story about who you are. This is why it is so important for your hair to look just way you like it! Here at Avant Garde Salon, we understand how looking and feeling your best is very important. Having great hair allows for more confidence, while a bad haircut or color service can ruin your month or year! 

At Avant Garde Salon, our professional stylists put our clients first and pride ourselves in customer service. This guarantees you to leave happy and satisfied! Our stylist listen and we keep your hairstyle as modern and stylish as you are. Book your next hair appointment today and let us impress you with our work.

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Highlight or Balayage Service

Looking to lighten your hair?

How to determine wether you should be booking for a Highlight or Balayage service.

Both services have their own individual look and won’t result in damaging your hair as long as the colorist is aware of the processing time to maintain the integrity of the hair. This is why it’s important to see a professional colorist, who can safely achieve the beautiful hair color desired that won’t leave your hair damaged.

Balayage is a creative freestyle hand-painting technique which was developed in the 1970’s in France. This technique creates accents of color that are lighter than your base color that emphasize dimension and movement while giving your hair a natural sun-kissed look. Your colorist chooses alternating strands of hair towards the base, then delicately paints the hair scattering throughout creating a softer or muted look fading the line of demarcation and gets progressively lighter as it travels to the end. As your hair grows out the more of the ombré look you’ll be creating and allows extended time between appointments, generally between 2-6 months without touching up. Your colorist will generally use one to two colors and tailor to your request while leaving the interior of the hair natural. The more highlights, the higher the maintenance becomes.

A highlight service is a foiling technique that lightens the hair from the root to the ends. Traditionally, your colorist will separate hair sections and weave through, selecting fine strands of hair, then applying color and folding each strand in a foil. The more foils you have the more highlights you’ll have throughout. Foils also  are more consistent and pattern based plus you have more control exactly how light or dark the blonde will be. Typically foils are a much brighter blonde, but the maintenance is higher. Clients typically come back between 6-8 weeks.

Combining both services together is a “foliage” technique which allows the foils helps to speed up the process and can lift the hair lighter than balayage. Clients love and want ashy, platinum, sun-kissed hair and that you can achieve this look by combining these two methods. Plus, using a foil can more consistently pull the clients hair past the brassy stage.

For an beautiful slightly edgy look, choose balayage, with having your ends pop brighter.

For a more traditional look, foils will give you an over all light look. Keep in mind each method also depends on the clients hair. If you have virgin hair then balayage is a great option. If your hair has been processed many times and you’re looking to get rid of the brass then foliage is a great option. No matter which technique you choose, it takes 72 hours for the cuticle of your hair to close after its been opened during a coloring process. Waiting that long before shampooing is key. You can rinse and condition your hair, but don’t wash it with shampoo.

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Kimberly B

Jenn is a phenomenal colorist and stylist. The atmosphere is upbeat and welcoming. Jenn’s very helpful in welcoming new clients to the area and helping them learn the area.


Abbi W

Avante Garde Salon is awesome!!! I came in wanting a change and they gave my the style that I wanted! They’re very into modern looks and know their style! If you ever need your hair done Avante Garde’s a must. Go see the avant garde staff!


Scout R

Jenn did a great job, cut and style! Awesome salon! She also recommended such great products that I’m now bringing apart of them home with me . I’m excited for my appt in July with her!


Ashley W

This is the best experience I have ever had at a salon! Jenn is so personal, very kind and she is good at what she does! I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a new salon!


Vel A

Great job Jenn, you made me feel quite at ease that my hair is in good hands. I look forward to the end product.

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