Let me quick start by saying I contacted these ladies on FB just one day shy of disappointing haircut elsewhere. The owner actually spent time with me messaging back and forth answering all of my questions as I couldn’t call. She not only went out of her way to ask exactly what went wrong but suggested who she thought would best suit me. (Instead of just passing me to whomever needed to grow their book.)

I called today (2 days later) and the person who answered was so accommodating she got me in the same day WITH the girl best suited for me. I got there and was so nicely greeted by the owner who remembered me and spoke to me at length about the color, condition and goals of my hair while I waited. Once My stylist took me back she consulted me and cared to go over what she was going to do with each section of my hair. I was so impressed and hadn’t even been cut yet. She listened to me and took the least amount off.. After precisely dry cutting me she offered to shampoo and then touch up to make sure I was happy. I not only left there feeling like I FOUND THE ONE. I squealed with delight..  I’ll be back and tell my friends. Jenn was AWESOME!