I decided to use Avant Garde Salon as my new salon, after doing extensive research on hair salons in the area. I am from New York originally, and have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly and won’t just let anyone touch my hair. After my initial consultation with Nicole F. and my mom’s initial consultation with Jen, we knew we had found our new salon. BOTH Nicole and Jen listened to our concerns, answered our questions, while giving their expertise about our hair “situations”. I was a VERY BRASSY, GOLD BLONDE, which I HATED and my mom was a multi-shaded brown base with DULL highlights, which she ALSO hated. After our first appointments, Jen had FIXED my mom’s base color and highlights and LITERALLY TRANSFORMED HER. Her base color and highlights blended beautifully and her highlights were now ALIVE (lol!) and the PERFECT shade. Nicole COMPLETELY got rid of my brassiness and turned my color I once hated so much into a color I NOW LOVED SO MUCH — AND STILL DO! I was the PERFECT shade of blonde — two shades darker than platinum with some low lights blended in, which is EXACTLY what I wanted. They are legit color and style masters in my eyes! When I called to make my initial consultation, I told the receptionist that I wanted somebody who was very experienced and who knew what she was doing. She told me that Jen trained Nicole and that’s all I had to hear and I was sold! Jen is the owner and Nicole is legit her protege. Jen IS the mother hen and looks after ALL of her employees. She is also EXTREMELY personable, funny, beautiful on the inside and out, and can multitask like no other. Nicole is so sweet, kind, calm, and is a very good listener. She takes her time and focuses like no other, which I LOVE!!!!! EVERYONE there makes you feel like FAMILY and works together as a team, not to mention professional. The vibe from the moment you walk in is very relaxing, and your experience from start to finish is very enjoyable. Also, FIRST time customers get 20% off, and if you’re thirsty there’s always water and wine available to drink. The decor is absolutely BEAUTIFUL — Jen’s husband designed the whole inside — and all of the details you notice from the moment you walk in. DO NOT make the MISTAKE of going ANYWHERE else: THIS is the place to go. Their hair color is the only approved hair color under OSHA (I believe) and the quality of their hair products are top of the line. The best part of it all is their prices are very affordable, too!